March 2013- Comming soon


June 2012 . Pictures of the latin american tour 2012.

May 2012 .Therion latin america tour begins.

April 2012 .Christian is gonna be on tour with Queen symphonic rhapsody with Thomas Vikstrom,Mats Levens Michelle Mc Cain .

March 2012 .Christian is in Sweden recording guitars for the new Therion album.

February 2012 .25th aniversary tour confirmed.

January 2012- Christian Vidal in 2011 Ibanez catalog


November 2011-"011 an adventure with Therion." available.

August 2011-"El viaje" available on iTunes and amazon

April 2011- New Therion's official video



March 2011- Now available "El viaje"digital download


February 2011- Now available Webcam lessons
December 2010- Coming soon: Christian Vidal's solo albums on iTunes
December 2010-The Sitra Ahra tour concludes, after 50 concerts in 34 countries of Latin America and Europe.
September 2010- Christian Vidal signs an exlusivity contract with guitars.
September 2010- Christian Vidal begins the Latin American tour with Therion, set to starts off on October 1st in Buenos Aires. Throughout November and December, they will be touring Europe, presenting the band's new work.
February 2010- Christian Vidal becoms 's new guitarist, and takes part in recording the band's new disc "Sitra Ahra"